Double Jaw Surgery Essentials

When I was going through this crazy experience there were some things that I just couldn’t live without. I tried to be super prepared before surgery but there was some things that just came up that I wish I would of had. I am listing and linking some of the items that I personally bought myself for the recovery of my surgery. There is some things that I will not be linking but I will mention below! I hope this helps you out if you are about to go through this kind of surgery.

Vicks Filter-free, Ultrasonic, Visible Cool Mist Humidifier for Medium rooms

Trust me when I say you will need a humidifier by your side when you are recovering. You will be so congested this will completely help the recovery. I loved adding essential oils to the water to help me relax.

Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660)

Do yourself a favor and purchase yourself a blender. I wasn’t able to chew for a solid 5 months. I had to blend a lot of my food. I will say one of my not so proud moments was when I wanted a Chipotle bowl so bad that I threw it al in the blender just so that I could eat it.

Afrin Original Pump Nasal Mist, Fast & Powerful Congestion Relief, 0.5oz (15mL)

This was a huge life saver!! You can only spray this I believe once a day but trust me its enough. Truly clears up your nasal passage and helps breathing.

Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly, Original Skin Protectant, 13 Oz (Pack of 2)

I bought a very expensive lip balm before surgery that was useless! The only thing you need is vaseline. Your lips will crack. My lips got so swollen and cracked so badly they bled. Not trying to scare you but having the vaseline and humidifier by your side will be a lifesaver.

Reusable Ice Pack with Strap by TheraPAQ – Soft & Flexible Gel Pack for Hot & Cold Therapy – Best as Heat Pad or Cold Wrap for Back, Knee, Waist, Shoulder, Ankle, Calves and Hip (Large pack: 14″ X 6″)

This is supposed to be for wrapping around the knee but this works wonders for wrapping around your face. It is the perfect size to put around your face. I bought multiples of these so that I would always have one available.

Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa, 8″ HD Display, 16 GB, Black – with Special Offers

You might not want to buy this specific tablet like I did but you need something to entertain you. I was not able to talk for 4 weeks!! This was just the thing I needed along with my television. This one is inexpensive and was quite impressed with the quality. I am an Apple girl but I just couldn’t bring myself to fork out the money for an iPad.

Premier Protein 30g Protein Shakes, Chocolate, 11 Fluid Ounces, 4 Count

You must have a meal plan before going into this surgery. I was fully banded shut so I was not able to open my mouth at all. I had to fit everything through a catheter and syringe. A smoothie wouldn’t even go through the catheter. These protein drinks have the right ingredients, the taste is great and the most important thing is the liquid actually fits through the catheter trip.

Dr. Brown’s Long Spatula Spoons – 4pk

When you actually start eating you will realize that you won’t be able to fit an actual spoon or fork in your mouth. I started eating soft food and found myself truly struggling because I just couldn’t fit it in my mouth. I googled flat spoons and baby spoons came up. I ordered these and problem solved. They fit perfectly in my mouth and I was actually able to eat!

You will also need a recliner or very comfortable chair that you can sleep on. I could not sleep in my bed for the first 6 weeks. I tried sleeping in my bed once and I woke up super swollen. I also recommend you purchase very comfortable pillows you will just want to sleep with anything that will be comfortable. Before surgery I am sure you will be able to pick up all the needed medications trust me you will want to have those ready when you come home. Now the #1 thing you will need through this whole process is help from someone. You can not do this alone and you need someone who is with you 24/7 the first 2 weeks of recovery. I do not know what I would done without my sweet husband and mother. It is a rough surgery and you need all the help you can get!

I hope this helps you if you are about to endure this rough surgery!

Double Jaw Surgery Swelling Journey

This is a video slideshow that I put together documenting my swelling through this whole surgery. I remember going through this whole experience and wanting to know how long it would take for my swelling to go down. I know everyone is different and recovery looks different for everyone but hope this helps.