My Lake Arrowhead Weekend Getaway

I have lived my entire life in Southern California and I sadly have never been to Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear Lake. The funny part about this is that they are only about 45 minutes from my home! This year we decided that we wanted to go on more adventures even if we only traveled to local places because lets be honest, we are on a budget. We decided that we wanted to rent a cabin for three days and go to Lake Arrowhead for the weekend with our best friends.


We decided to go through Airbnb to rent out our cabin, and I highly recommend them for your cabin rentals. We wanted to be close to the Lake Arrowhead Village but stay within our budget. We found the cutest little cottage that situated 4 adults. We decided not to bring our daughter along with us that weekend, so this house worked out perfectly for us. We do plan on coming back with our daughter, so I will be including some child friendly activities and local suggestions below. I will say that the cabin we rented was amazing, but the owner of the cabin was somewhat “special” . The good thing about Airbnb is that they took care of that issue. Needless to say, we enjoyed our time together on our little weekend getaway in beautiful Lake Arrowhead.

We got to Lake Arrowhead on a Thursday afternoon and luckily the weather was amazing, something we have all been looking forward to for weeks since Southern California has not really had a winter, until recently.  The first stop we made was to Lou Eddies. They have some amazing pizza and it is such a cute little restaurant. They have a small sitting area inside but they have a huge outside sitting area on the upper level and a nice bar on the middle level. But since the weather was so amazing we were able to sit outside! My husband and I ordered an antipasto salad and the yard sale pizza. It was delicious. Definitely a place you must check out.

On Friday we decided to stay in the cabin for the most part we BBQ’d, we had deep fried night , had the fire pit going outside and played board games,  it was such a great time. For your convenience they have a Stater Bros in the village if you want to do grocery shopping, so we were frequent guest to Stater Brothers Markets that weekend.

On Saturday we had breakfast at Hortencia’s Mexican Food. The food was authentic and very delicious. The service was quick and the restaurant was really clean.

We then headed out to the village to explore and do some shopping! I fell in love with the small town it had so much character and such a nice atmosphere. They have a couple of outlets, some of the cutest antique stores. The best part for me was the view of the lake. The lake seems to mostly be private, by that I mean that it’s surrounded by homes and condos. The village is very family friendly and has a cute park named “Lollipop Park”.


After exploring Lake Arrowhead village we decided to make the trip to Big Bear Lake. It was about a 45 minute drive from Lake Arrowhead and the road was extremely windy  so if you get motion sickness highly recommend you to take medication before heading that way. The views to get to Big Bear Lake are just beautiful. The town in itself was not my favorite to be completely honest. But they do have a lot more shopping options and the town is a lot bigger than Lake Arrowhead, but Lake Arrowhead was just more my style.


I can say I truly enjoyed my weekend with my best friends and husband. Lake Arrowhead was such a cute town where you can get away and have some quiet time. I loved enjoying bonfires, beautiful sunsets and cute antique shopping. I can’t wait to bring my daughter up during the holidays for Santa Claus Village and for her to explore the quaint little town. Highly recommend you to check it out!







Disneyland is such a magical place to be! I am fortunate enough to live in Southern California and have the privilege to experience the happiest place on earth on a daily basis. For those who want to make the Magic Kingdom a travel destination, here are a few pointers…..


If you are out of town I highly recommend you staying at a Disneyland Hotel not only for the convenience but also because they offer a “Magic Hour” to all guest of the hotel. This is where you can enter the parks an hour earlier than the rest of the public. This is such an amazing feature because as you will notice quickly is that Disneyland gets full fast! Just an FYI if you live in Southern California I just highly recommend you to just invest in an annual pass it is so worth it! You get to truly enjoy the park without the pressure of doing it all at once. My family has passes and we usually just go for a couple hours at a time.


If you can’t stay at one of the Disney resorts I highly recommend you to get to the park before they open. Trust me when I say this you will enjoy the park a lot better. I would also recommend you to purchase your tickets before you get to the park. You do not want to spend your time in the morning trying to purchase tickets. You also want to make sure you have a game plan before coming to the park and decide what are the rides that you want to tackle first.


If you are at Disneyland take note that some of the busiest rides are Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Star Tours, Big Thunder Mountain and the Matterhorn. The other rides are busy but not like these mentioned rides. At California Adventure the busiest rides are Radiator Springs, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mid-Way Mania and Soaring the World. I highly recommend you try to tackle the busiest rides first. My husband and I always run and get Space Mountain or Radiator Springs fast passes first then we focus on the rest. If you are there on vacation you might want to maximize your time by downloading the Disneyland app and purchasing the MaxPass. The MaxPass allows you to get your fast passes on your phone and to have access to unlimited PhotoPass photos for the day. In my opinion if you are only at Disneyland for a few days it’s worth the extra 10 dollars a person.


One of my favorite restaurants at the park would have to be Ariel’s Grotto especially if you get a reservation during the World of Color. It is a pricy restaurant but it’s so worth it and magical. At Disneyland my favorite restaurant would have to be Blue Bayou. It is such a neat experience because you are technically having dinner inside Pirates of the Caribbean ride. If you are looking for a more inexpensive option inside the park The Star Wars lounge has great options at great prices.


If you want to snack or try something different my favorites would be the Dole Whip float at the Tiki Juice Bar in Frontierland. If you want dessert you can find a wide variety at Pooh’s Corner. They have the best cookies!


If you have little girls I recommend that you take your little one to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. They have various packages and they give your little one the royal treatment. Your little girl has to be at least 3 years old. Once your daughter receives the royal treatment and transform your little one into a princess of her choice all cast members will actual bow to her! So adorable!!


Disneyland and California Adventure are such magical places. If this is your first time coming I recommend you wearing your most comfortable clothing and bringing spares if you plan of getting on any rides that could possibly get you wet like Splash Mountain or The Grizzly River Run. If you go during the holidays it is extra magical and I also highly recommend visiting during that time of the year. California Adventure has a festival of food during the holidays and they offer a great selection of unique eats! I will say during the summer it can get pretty hot and busy I am warning you be prepared for the crowds during that time of the year! It gets so bad that I tend to not even visit the park during the summer. Regardless of when you chose to go to Disneyland I will assure you that you will have a blast!


Below are some pictures of my family and I during the year experiencing the most magical place on earth!