Newborn essentials

I just had my baby boy two months ago and it has been such an amazing time in our lives to have him with us. We had a stressful few weeks initially. I gave birth at 35 weeks and unfortunately Jackson had to be in the NICU for 8 days. During this month there is a list of items that have made our transition much easier. I will be doing a separate post on the stroller and car seat we chose.


This is by far one of the best purchases I have made. I love my Dock-A-Tot. Jackson loves lounging and napping in it. This is NOT a safe overnight sleeping arrangement. When he naps in it I watch him like a hawk. I would highly highly suggest investing in one. Yes it’s pricy but I use this item DAILY. I would highly suggest an extra cover as well because accidents happen.

DockATot Deluxe+ Dock (Pristine White) – The All in One Baby Lounger – Perfect for Co Sleeping – Suitable from 0-8 Months (Pristine White)

Baby Brezza Water Warmer:

This item is awesome. We first tried the formula maker which is 200 dollars and we quickly regretted that purchase. We returned that quickly and bought this. It warms your water so you don’t need to use a bottle warmer. This item is under 50 dollars and 100 percent worth it. Saves you so much time and trust me time is precious when you have a hungry baby LOL.

Baby Brezza Instant Warmer – Instantly Dispenses Warm Water at Perfect Baby Bottle Temperature – Replaces Traditional Baby Bottle Warmers

Baby Shusher:

Our baby loves the baby shusher. It calms him instantly and I don’t have to shush him endlessly. For under 35 dollars this item is a must have.

Baby Shusher For Babies — Sleep Miracle Soother Sound Machine For New Parents


At first we bought a way more inexpensive baby monitor because we truly didn’t think that we would use this baby item that much and I just simply didn’t want to spend my money on a very expensive one. After having terrible luck with our first one (Motorola Brand) we returned it because the night Vision was just terrible we couldn’t even see if our babies eyes were opened or closed. We then picked up the Infant Optics which had better reviews but we still weren’t happy with the quality. After much thought, my husband and I decided to just bite the bullet and purchase the Nanit and it has been one of the best purchases we have made. Yes it’s pricy but after multiple attempts you truly get what you pay for. For us having a good night vision monitor avoided us getting up multiple times a night to check on him. This monitor also has breathing bands that monitors your babies breathing. It also gives you information on how your baby is sleeping and tips on how to improve his sleeping and many more features. I truly think this monitor is so superior to others and 100 percent worth it.

Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount: Camera with HD Video & Audio – Sleep Tracking – Night Vision – Temperature & Humidity Sensors and Two-Way Audio 

Baby Brezza Sterilizer:

This item was a last minute purchase and I was told by so many people that this wasn’t necessary. While I do think there is other more inexpensive ways of sterilizing your items this sterilizer has been fabulous to have. It is so easy to use and we use it daily!! When in the NICU the nurses said its best practice to sterilize everything daily and this sterilizer has made that a breeze.

Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine – Electric Steam Sterilization – Universal Fit – Pacifiers, Glass, Plastic, and Newborn Feeding Bottles

Burp Cloths:

You need burp cloths. You don’t need fancy burp cloths. My favorite burp cloths have been these simple white muslin burp cloths. Buy yourself like 4 packs of them and you are set! I hate the nice design ones I purchased they aren’t as soft and don’t absorb as well. This is an area you don’t need to spend your money on.

Comfy Cubs Muslin Burp Cloths 6 Pack Large 100% Cotton Hand Washcloths 6 Layers Extra Absorbent and Soft (White, Pack of 6)

Snoo Bassinet:

We have the Snoo Bassinet. I did a separate post for it simply because it is a major purchase. We like it a lot and it definitely is something we have used daily since our baby has been born.

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Our snoo journey: First two months

I have seen a lot of reviews on the Snoo but I am here to bring you along my Snoo journey every few months. The Snoo is a smart bassinet. You heard it right this bassinet is smart enough to detect crying from your baby and start working immediately by rocking your baby and playing white noise. This is a very expensive purchase and I just want to disclose a few things. No one NEEDS a Snoo. Yes I said it. If you can’t afford to purchase one it’s not a big deal. Guess what people had children before the Snoo and survived. Does this bassinet help you really get a few more hours of sleep? Yes, I absolutely believe it does. Do all babies need a Snoo? Absolutely NOT. My first born is 7 years old and has always been an amazing sleeper even if the Snoo would of existed I wouldn’t have needed it. Now my second baby he is not a great sleeper and I am sure glad we got it. I also want to say this bassinet has a learning curve and it’s not a miracle worker. You still need to get up and feed your baby and care for your baby. The bassinet is NOT magical even for the hefty $1395 price tag. Yes you heard it right that is the price. They do run promotions from time to time.

SNOO Smart Sleeper

The Newborn Phase

The Snoo does help soothe your baby and it is a great bassinet but I truly believe my husband and I started this journey with really high expectations. Can you truly blame us with that price tag. Newborn babies are a lot of work and they require a lot of attention. Like I said you will have to get up and do your normal feedings with the Snoo. My child took some getting used to the Snoo. The Snoo has constant movement and he didn’t like it at first. My baby also didn’t like to be swaddled. With the Snoo the baby has to be constantly swaddled and restrained by the Snoo. It is impossible for the baby to flip over with this bassinet which honestly gives me a lot of peace of mind.

I started to be more consistent and made sure that my baby started slowly doing all his naps in the Snoo. By doing this it created a routine for him and he got fully used to the Snoo by the time he was 6 weeks. I had to be extremely disciplined. I also started double swaddling him. I would swaddle him with a swaddle blanket and then I would put him in the Snoo swaddle. This truly helped him and it prevented him escaping the swaddle.

My baby is now 8 weeks old and he still does not sleep through the night he gets up twice to feed. I will say though by looking at his night logs the Snoo does help soothe him throughout the night. It shows me when the Snoo had to rock him a little more to help him go back to sleep.

Final Thoughts

Do I think the Snoo is worth it? YES. If the Snoo is in your budget and you have been considering the purchase I think its worth it. They even offer a rental program if you choose to rent over purchase. I am hopeful that it will eventually get our baby to sleep longer stretches. My husband and I were very glad we didn’t give up on it. We were super close in doing so!

If you have any questions let me know!!

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My Pregnancy must haves

I am nearing the end of my pregnancy. At 35 weeks pregnant I am writing this post and I simply can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family. Let me tell you, this pregnancy has been night and day in comparison to my daughter. I can already tell my son will be an adventure, and I cannot wait to experience every minute of it. Luckily, during this pregnancy I did not experience morning sickness or any other first trimester symptoms. Thank you my little baby boy Jackson. There has been so many improvements in “pregnancy items” in the last eight years, and I would like to share with you some of these products that have made this journey easier and enjoyable.


I got lucky in the clothing department. I work in an office and due to COVID-19 we have been working from home since I was 4 months pregnant. I did buy some essentials but I haven’t had to spend a ton of money on clothing.

My number one pregnancy recommendation would have to be the Lululemon Align Leggings. I could live in these leggings. I bought my regular size at the beginning of my pregnancy and they still fit. They are sooooo comfortable and I would say they are worth the splurge. My second choice for leggings would be the Zella maternity leggings. They are very comfortable and great quality. They are thicker too which is great.

For cute tops and dresses I bought my stuff at Pink Blush Maternity. They always have sales happening and they have the cutest things. I only bought a few items since I have been stuck at home most of my pregnancy.

What saved me a lot of money when I was still working in the office and I didn’t want to purchase maternity work pants were belly bands. Belly bands allowed to me keep using my pants comfortably. They also work great with jeans.


My number one wellness recommendation would have to be probiotics. I am NOT a healthcare professional and I would encourage you to consult with your doctor to determine what is safe for YOUR pregnancy before following any recommendations. I am not someone who is in anyway qualified to give medical advice. I asked my doctor and this is what we determined would be ok for me to try. I will say probiotics have made this pregnancy sooooo much easier because it has kept me regular and avoided a lot of issues I had with my daughters pregnancy. This is the probiotics I used. I do plan on using these after giving birth.

The prenatal vitamins that I used were the Ritual Prenatal Vitamins. They taste amazing like lemon and they don’t give me any side effects. They are also made with the best ingredients.


I personally didn’t get really uncomfortable until I hit 30 weeks pregnant. It was all down hill after that not gonna lie.

I initially bought a huge pregnancy pillow and it was great but it did take up a lot of space on our bed. We only have a queen size bed. I used that body pillow for the first 5 months and I found this affordable option.

I did transition out of the pregnancy pillow to this pillow wedge. I will say I love this option much more. It helps me get comfortable at night and it was also very affordable.

This next item we purchased wasn’t technically for pregnancy use only it was just time for an upgrade and being pregnant made that choice come a lot faster. We bought a new mattress. We were long overdue for one and we decided for the Dream Cloud Mattress. This was definitely a game changer when it comes to comfort and of course I am not saying you need to go buy a new mattress but it did help.

I hope these items can help someone make their pregnancy easier and more enjoyable. I will be doing a blog post on all the baby gear we chose to purchase but I am waiting until baby is here to give my honest opinion on the things we bought. If you have any question leave them below.

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I am back!

It has been way over a year since I have blogged! Life has been so crazy to be honest and I just took a long break. A small life recap, in 2017 I had an unfortunate accident that caused me to tear my ACL and my meniscus. I have had to undergo two knee surgeries and I still have a torn ACL. I am in a slightly better place with my knee even though I now suffer from chronic knee pain. I am also PREGNANT!!!! So exciting for our family. Our oldest daughter is now seven years old and we feel so blessed to be able to give her a sibling. We are having a baby boy this August. For the most part this pregnancy has been much easier than my last. It has been so long since we have had a baby so I definitely feel like a new mom at times. Can’t wait to share this new stage of my life with you. I plan on sharing more mom content along with beauty and fashion. I also plan on incorporating my fitness journey on here. Having a second baby and all these health issues in the past few years has made me put my health into perspective and I want to be the best version of myself for my family and for myself. Can’t wait to start posting more and sharing more of my life here.

My Go To Summer Look

As a huge beauty junkie but I will be honest summer is my least favorite time of the year to do my makeup. I have tried many things to make my makeup last during the summer heat and I feel like I have finally found a combination that works for me. To start off I have combination skin my t-zone tends to get very oily. In order for any makeup to look good on the skin you have to make sure you have a good skin care routine that way your skin looks it’s best. These items have been tested out thoroughly so far this summer.


I am currently obsessed with the Dior Diorskin Forever Undercover 24-Hour Full Coverage Water-Based Foundation. This foundation is so good and full coverage. It truly lasts all day and I swear the longer you have it on the better it looks. I make sure I always prime my face I am currently using this Estee Lauder The Mattifier Shine Control Perfecting Primer + Finish –. A very important step for your foundation to last is to set your face with a powder. I am currently loving PEACH PERFECT MATTIFYING SETTING POWDER. This powder makes you look flawless. This powder is amazing especially for the under eye area it doesn’t make the concealer crease. The PEACH MIST MATTIFYING SETTING SPRAY is a must! I have been completely obsessed with this setting spray you just have to make sure you really shake it very well. This setting spray makes you truly matte. It makes your makeup last a lot longer. The last picture is of me after having my makeup on for a solid 10 hours. This has truly been my must haves this summer especially if I want to stay matte in this Southern California heat.




Other makeup products used:

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette

tarte Shape Tape Concealer w/ Sponge (Great Deal!)

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

Pacifica Plushious Breathless Liquid Mineral Lipstick – 0.07 fl oz

Nars Blush – Super Orgasm
Find looks for every occasion at NORDSTROM.

It Cosmetics Matte CC Cream

I was so curious to see how this It Cosmetics CC Cream Foundation and the Your Skin But Better™ CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder™ with SPF 50+ would look on my skin that of course I had to buy it. I will say I am very impressed with this foundation.  This foundation has a very moisturizing feel to it. I don’t think this is completely matte but it has a silky finish. This is a full coverage foundation but it still has that natural look to it. The powder is amazing. It makes your face look flawless on top of the liquid foundation. Below are some picture of my before and after. I apologize about my eyebrows they are currently trying to regrow lol.



My after picture is with nothing on my face except the foundation and powder. I feel like this foundation is ideal for someone who is looking to look put together in a quick amount of time. This will definitely be my go to foundation for days that I am in a hurry and don’t have a lot of time on my hands to get ready. I give this foundation a 10/10. If you have any foundations you would like for me to review let me know!




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Nordtrom Anniversary Sale Picks

I get so excited every single year when this sale comes every year. Nordstrom brings out all their upcoming fall clothing and accessories and they put it on major sale after the sale is over the prices go back up to regular price. I want to round up some of my favorite things from this sale that I purchased. I was going to do a try on haul but I am currently recovering from knee surgery so that would of been a little difficult.

Want in Early? Our Anniversary Sale Early Access is here! Nordstrom cardmembers shop 8 days earlier than everyone else to save big on brand-new arrivals, July 12-19. FREE Shipping, pick up in store and more.

Women’s Spanx Faux Leather Leggings, Size Large – Black

Original Price: $98.00 Sale: $64.90

Such a great price for these popular leggings I have been wanting to try these and I finally purchased them on sale.

Simplehuman Eight Inch Sensor Mirror With Brightness Control, Size One Size – Rose Gold

Original Price: $200 Sale: $134.00

I picked this up with full intentions of hating this mirror but this mirror is a game changer when applying makeup!

Too Faced Hangover Prime, Set, Refresh Set –

Sale:  $39.00 

Such a great deal these items are both full size.

Women’s Lucky Brand Perrma Bootie

Original Price: $139.95 Sale: $89.90

I love Lucky Brand shoes such a great deal!

Women’s Halogen Sadie Genuine Calf Hair Slingback Flat, Size 5 M – Brown

Original Price: $99.95 Sale: $64.90

Women’s Bp. Stitch Curve Hem Cardigan, Size Medium – Brown

Original Price $49.00 Sale: 31.90

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo – Soft Brown

Sale: $28.00
Women’s Ugg Milana Ii Moc Toe Flat, Size 8 M – Brown

Original Price: 99.95 Sale: $64.90

These shoes are so comfortable. I purchased them because I needed comfy shoes for my bad knee but these are just amazing for anyone.
Clinique Big Genius Little Genius Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ Duo

Sale: $39.00

Such a great deal considering the size of the big bottle and you still get a considerable sized travel lotion.


There is so much more I still hope to shop. Some of the items I have been eyeing have sold out unfortunately so I only linked items that are available. I think this is such a great chance to shop items that are brand new and on sale. Enjoy the shopping!

Amazon Prime Day

This is such a huge event. I mean who doesn’t love shopping on Amazon. This is the time of the year to snag up some great deals on some great items. Below are some of my favorite picks.

OOTD (Work Edition)


I wanted to share what I wear in a typical workweek. I have a desk job and I can’t deny the fact that sometimes I struggle with putting things together. I want to share week outfits with y’all. I like very neutral colors and being comfortable is truly my main goal. I will be linking either the same items I am wearing or similar ones if I can’t find them for you. Nothing is too expensive because let’s be real I am on a budget. I also realized after doing this post that I only wear black pants.

My Blazer: Calvin Klein One-Button Blazer $89.98  The Cheaper Alternative: Women’s Bi-Stretch Twill Blazer – A New Day™ $34.99  Pants: High Waisted Skinny Pant $79.99  The Cheaper Alternative: Women’s Skinny Chino Pants – A New Day™ $19.99 Shoes:Qupid Women’s Regent-02 Loafer Flat, Black, 7 M US

Pants: Worthington Luxe Stretch Slim Leg Pants  Blazer: TuiFallen Women’s Cotton Rolled Up Sleeve No-Buckle Blazer Jacket Suits Brown Medium HEO CLOTHING Women’s Regular and Plus Size Solid, Printed Open Blazer Cardigan Jacket Made In USA (3XL, Z3-Ebo-BKP)(My blazer is old I will be linking similar ones.) Shoes:CLARKS Women’s Candra Light Flat, Black Patent, 7 M US (Shoes are also old they are Clark’s and I linked similar ones. These are just the best work shoes ever.)

Similar Style Top: Cold Shoulder Tie Sleeve Top (Major Sale!!)

Sweater: Cozy Chenille Cowl Neck Sweater $40.99 It’s currently on sale! So soft! Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad Gazania Women’s D’Orsay Flats

This is my casual day at work and I completely love this dress and these shoes they are so comfortable. Dress: Women’s Tie Back Dress – Universal Thread™ Blue $27.99  Shoes: Women’s Ava Shield Espadrille Flatform Sandals – Universal Thread™ $32.99 Jacket: Women’s Freeborn Denim Jacket – Universal Thread™ Light Wash

Other Recommendations:





High Waisted Skinny Pant I own these they are amazing!


Slim Floral Satin Portofino Shirt (Best work tops ever I!)

I tend to keep it very simple and I like neutrals. I have invested in pieces that are a bit more expensive but in general my wardrobe consists with affordable pieces because let’s be real I am on a budget.



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Bellami Bell-Air 12″ 120g Volumizing Hair Extensions Set

I have been on the search for a pair of comfortable and natural looking hair extensions. I have very thin hair and I have zero volume. I consider my hair a huge wreck to be completely honest. My hair is naturally curly so I needed something that wouldn’t add more steps to my hair routine. I found the Bellami Bell-Air hair extensions on QVC and I decided to give them a try since they offered easy pay and a good return policy. These extensions run at $199. I will be reviewing the hair extensions and sharing how my hair looks without hair extensions. These extensions have the halo like application and they come in a very luxurious package. The package includes the three piece hair extensions, a hair wand that doubles as a hair straightener, a hair brush, hair clips and a bag to store them in. I purchased them in the color off black.

Like I said these hair extensions come in a very fancy packaging. I chose the 12 inch ones because I was hoping that my extensions looked somewhat natural. They do come in different lengths.


When you get the package you have the Step 1 option where they include one of the side pieces so that you can test out the color and make sure it matches before you open the rest of the hair extensions.


This is me with natural hair as you can see it is very short and very thin. I will apologize in advanced for my hair part. I did curl my hair with the wand that came with the package.

Before putting in my hair extensions I parted my hair as the instructions said. I left a good amount of hair in the front to make sure that my extensions blended correctly.

This is the main piece. It is super thick but at the same time lightweight. It has the string and has three clips to attach it to your head.

This is how my hair looks with just my main piece in. If I wanted I think I could pull off just wearing the main piece. I feel like the length looks natural.

These are the side pieces. They have a seamless application. They are very light and the clips are so small and discreet especially since these are the pieces that go in the front of your head.


This is how they look with all the pieces in my head. I completely love them. I personally think they look very natural. They are so comfortable and lightweight I honestly didn’t feel them all day. I highly recommend them. I will include some additional pictures with my hair straightened out.


My final opinion on these hair extensions is that I love them and the application of them. They are amazing. I have used hair extensions my whole life and have purchased many brands and I will say the quality is good on these. The hair wand works best as a hair wand and not so much as a hair straightener.  love all the products that are included in this package I do think you get a lot for your money.



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