Our snoo journey: First two months

I have seen a lot of reviews on the Snoo but I am here to bring you along my Snoo journey every few months. The Snoo is a smart bassinet. You heard it right this bassinet is smart enough to detect crying from your baby and start working immediately by rocking your baby and playing white noise. This is a very expensive purchase and I just want to disclose a few things. No one NEEDS a Snoo. Yes I said it. If you can’t afford to purchase one it’s not a big deal. Guess what people had children before the Snoo and survived. Does this bassinet help you really get a few more hours of sleep? Yes, I absolutely believe it does. Do all babies need a Snoo? Absolutely NOT. My first born is 7 years old and has always been an amazing sleeper even if the Snoo would of existed I wouldn’t have needed it. Now my second baby he is not a great sleeper and I am sure glad we got it. I also want to say this bassinet has a learning curve and it’s not a miracle worker. You still need to get up and feed your baby and care for your baby. The bassinet is NOT magical even for the hefty $1395 price tag. Yes you heard it right that is the price. They do run promotions from time to time.

SNOO Smart Sleeper

The Newborn Phase

The Snoo does help soothe your baby and it is a great bassinet but I truly believe my husband and I started this journey with really high expectations. Can you truly blame us with that price tag. Newborn babies are a lot of work and they require a lot of attention. Like I said you will have to get up and do your normal feedings with the Snoo. My child took some getting used to the Snoo. The Snoo has constant movement and he didn’t like it at first. My baby also didn’t like to be swaddled. With the Snoo the baby has to be constantly swaddled and restrained by the Snoo. It is impossible for the baby to flip over with this bassinet which honestly gives me a lot of peace of mind.

I started to be more consistent and made sure that my baby started slowly doing all his naps in the Snoo. By doing this it created a routine for him and he got fully used to the Snoo by the time he was 6 weeks. I had to be extremely disciplined. I also started double swaddling him. I would swaddle him with a swaddle blanket and then I would put him in the Snoo swaddle. This truly helped him and it prevented him escaping the swaddle.

My baby is now 8 weeks old and he still does not sleep through the night he gets up twice to feed. I will say though by looking at his night logs the Snoo does help soothe him throughout the night. It shows me when the Snoo had to rock him a little more to help him go back to sleep.

Final Thoughts

Do I think the Snoo is worth it? YES. If the Snoo is in your budget and you have been considering the purchase I think its worth it. They even offer a rental program if you choose to rent over purchase. I am hopeful that it will eventually get our baby to sleep longer stretches. My husband and I were very glad we didn’t give up on it. We were super close in doing so!

If you have any questions let me know!!

*This post DOES NOT contain any affiliate links.

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