Bellami Bell-Air 12″ 120g Volumizing Hair Extensions Set

I have been on the search for a pair of comfortable and natural looking hair extensions. I have very thin hair and I have zero volume. I consider my hair a huge wreck to be completely honest. My hair is naturally curly so I needed something that wouldn’t add more steps to my hair routine. I found the Bellami Bell-Air hair extensions on QVC and I decided to give them a try since they offered easy pay and a good return policy. These extensions run at $199. I will be reviewing the hair extensions and sharing how my hair looks without hair extensions. These extensions have the halo like application and they come in a very luxurious package. The package includes the three piece hair extensions, a hair wand that doubles as a hair straightener, a hair brush, hair clips and a bag to store them in. I purchased them in the color off black.

Like I said these hair extensions come in a very fancy packaging. I chose the 12 inch ones because I was hoping that my extensions looked somewhat natural. They do come in different lengths.


When you get the package you have the Step 1 option where they include one of the side pieces so that you can test out the color and make sure it matches before you open the rest of the hair extensions.


This is me with natural hair as you can see it is very short and very thin. I will apologize in advanced for my hair part. I did curl my hair with the wand that came with the package.

Before putting in my hair extensions I parted my hair as the instructions said. I left a good amount of hair in the front to make sure that my extensions blended correctly.

This is the main piece. It is super thick but at the same time lightweight. It has the string and has three clips to attach it to your head.

This is how my hair looks with just my main piece in. If I wanted I think I could pull off just wearing the main piece. I feel like the length looks natural.

These are the side pieces. They have a seamless application. They are very light and the clips are so small and discreet especially since these are the pieces that go in the front of your head.


This is how they look with all the pieces in my head. I completely love them. I personally think they look very natural. They are so comfortable and lightweight I honestly didn’t feel them all day. I highly recommend them. I will include some additional pictures with my hair straightened out.


My final opinion on these hair extensions is that I love them and the application of them. They are amazing. I have used hair extensions my whole life and have purchased many brands and I will say the quality is good on these. The hair wand works best as a hair wand and not so much as a hair straightener.  love all the products that are included in this package I do think you get a lot for your money.



*This post is not sponsored and it does not include any affiliate links.

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