Morphe Sculpt and Define Makeup Brush Set Review

I had previously reviewed the Morphe Vegan Brushes and while I completely loved those brushes the sculpt and define makeup brushes are probably my favorite. My husband purchased two sets for me for my birthday. I have had these for a solid 6 months now so I feel like I can give an honest review.

Moprphe Sulpt abd Define Set

This set comes in a 11 piece and they are very good quality they run at $59. They are made with synthetic bristles and it does include a travel bag. The brushes are super soft and they feel so luxurious. I can honestly say that I love all the brushes and I use them constantly. The only cons to this set is that it does not come with a foundation brush, on the website there is no description on the brushes individually and I personally don’t think this is the brush set for a beginner. This is a great addition to someone who already has basic brushes and wants to add more high quality ones to their connection.


I highly recommend these brushes they are so nice and high quality. As you can tell I have been using them non stop.




*This post is not sponsored and it does not include any affiliate links.

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