Target Clothing Haul and Try On

I walked into Target the other day and as I was browsing through the clothing department I noticed the cutest new stuff! I just couldn’t help myself and decided to pick up a few things. Everything is very reasonably priced and its all from the A New Day and Who What Wear collections. I thought why not share my thoughts on the clothing and share some fun pictures. I am by no means a model I am a size 8 and a true medium and I do not consider myself a fashion guru but I thought it would be fun to attempt this haha!

 Women’s Long Sleeve Tie Waist Blouse – Who What Wear™ $27.99

I absolutely love this top I am a curvier girl and I feel like the cinching at the waist is flattering. I can dress this up for work or I can dress it down with some jeans such a cute top

Women’s Long Sleeve Front Knot Top – A New Day™ $19.99

This is my absolutely favorite top! It is so soft and comfy. I am so in love with it I want to snag it up in a few different colors. I think it’s flattering and lightweight for either layering or for California weather.

Women’s Casual Paperbag Skirt – A New Day™ $22.99

Women’s Striped Any Day Long Sleeve Shirt – A New Day™ Blue/White $19.99

I love this outfit! It reminds me of  school girl outfit but I feel like this would be super appropriate for work. The skirt cinches in at the waist and makes it flattering on my body type. The skirt can be paired with different tops. I paired it here with a button up which was super comfortable.

Women’s Long Sleeve Flounce Trim Sweatshirt – Who What Wear™ Gray $29.99

This top is super fun and flirty. Its comfortable but stylish all in one. This is the perfect sweater top for spring or for California winters. The sweater linked is not the sweater that I am wearing for some reason I couldn’t find this sweater online but it was available at my local Target. The one I linked is a very similar version and it’s the same brand.


Women’s Short Sleeve Puff Stripe Dress – Who What Wear™ Black/White $34.99

Ok so this dress is super cute but I will be honest it just didn’t work for my body type. It is very comfortable but the stripes I feel don’t look so flattering on me. I do think this dress would be super cute maybe on someone taller since I am 5’3 it just didn’t work for me.


Women’s dv Jameson Double Zip Booties $37.99

These are the booties I used with some of the outfits.


Overall I just simply love all the clothing I purchased for exception of the dress. I think for being an an affordable line the clothing is very well made and great quality. I can’t wait to see what other combinations I can make up with these new pieces.


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